Question about Ram AIR


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Question about Ram AIR

Hello. I was wondering if i could add on a RAM AIR system to my 6hp Tecumseh engine. To do this i was wondering if i could get a vacuum tube and hook one end up to the filter and put the other end in front on my go-kart. By doing this i will get cold air into my air filter as I get more speed. I would also check my air filter alot for piece of rocks dirt and other foreign objects. Will this work? Will this be good for my engine or will it be a waste of time.

P.S. Does anyone know where i can get a racing or better air filter for my TECUMSEH engine? They seem to make aftermarket air filter for Briggs engines but not tecumseh. Or will my STOCK air filter on my tecumseh be good enough.
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ram air

hey there,
from what i understand about ram air, you need MAJOR velocity ( over 100mph?) to make any additional power from a ram air system. The top end motorcycles have it for something like 5-10 hp at max velocity.
remember, you can't effectively test power gains of ram air on a stationary dyno so you gotta trust those theoretical engineers.
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You need a lot of velocity and need to get your mixture correct to make a ram air intake system worth while.

I built a ram intake system in my airplane and am able to see benefits at higher speeds. A couple things make it feasible on an airplane. First, the air is moving really fast. The plane is moving through the air at around 200 mph and the intake "snorkel" is very close behind the propeller where the air velocity is several hundred mph faster. I can also easily adjust the engine's mixture in flight to take advantage of the increased manifold pressure.

On a racing kart, you will "flat foot" coming out of a turn when you have the throttle wide open but the air velocity is low so you are not getting any boost. As you get your kart up to 200+mph and get some real boost, the mass of air entering the engine increases which will cause it to run leaner. To get the power boost you need to be able to add more fuel (go richer) when you are getting the boost. When you dive into a turn and slow down, you have to lean back as you loose the boost to keep the proper mixture.

Are you running your cart for fun or in a sanctioned race? If you are in a sanctioned race than you should follow the tech. rules. If you are just running for fun than there are many things that can be done to make it MUCH faster.
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I found some good "nerd" information for you. Don't get too excited about the free boost pressure you can get from ram intake air. At 40 mph the impact pressure of the air is .028 psi, and at 160 mph it is still only .434 psi. A turbo can easily boost several psi and a supercharger can go much higher, so half a pound of boost at 160, while signifcant, is not incredible. An airfilter or an improperly designed intake plenum can easily waste away that free boost.
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you could try doing what you posted but then put a high rpm fan on the end of your tube.

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