Need Advice from Go Kart Vets


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Need Advice from Go Kart Vets

My wife knows I'm a bit nuts when I get started. I'm interested in building an off road cart for my kids but have been distracted by so much info. Saw a nice frame plan,(for Free) and was looking to see if anyone has used a 2-stroke motor, clutch and trans from small displacement dirt bike for a cart. I'm a scavanger, (and my wife adds a "Cheap Type") and wanted to establish my kids interest, my ability and the benefits of other folks hard work and homework.
I guess some remember their first attempts, some happy and some not.
Appreciate any help.
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Talking good ideas

you've got some good ideas there man. another thing, what kind of frame setup are u starting with? is it a regular g-kart frame or is it different? i have thought of doing this once to my g-kart but decided against it. i was goin to lift the frame off of the axle about 3-4 inches to fit bigger tires and a smaller sprocket for mo-par(more power) and faster speed. but then i also like the g-kart setup of low to the ground for full-speed turns. but if that is what u want then definetly stick with it. i think i 4-cycle would work better and have more power than a 2-cycle, of course with a 4-cycle one would lose the awesome sound of a 2-cycle. i'm not sure a tranny would be needed for this also. maybe u'r setup is different from mine but if u have a tranny then most likely that means u have selectable gears. which would be possible but a royal pain to hook up. if i could get a pic that would also help alot. [email protected] is my e-mail address if u want to e-mail it to me. of u have a pic on the computer. anyways keep me posted on ur' ideas and a pic if u could.

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