no spark on a Honda CR80


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Question no spark on a Honda CR80

Hi, I have a 1981 Honda CR80 (yeah I know its old but it was cheap and it was fun until now) I was riding it a few months back when it just stopped and I could not restart it, I checked all the basics and found that the bike has no spark (everything else looked good it was getting plenty of gas and it definitely had compression) I have tried several different spark plugs with no luck, I took off the gas tank and looked for any disconnected wires or shorts ect. There was none that I saw. I took off the cover to the rotor everything looked ok, nothing obvious wrong. So right now Iím thinking itís probably the CDI box but before I spend any money on the bike I want some other opinions on this, any replies are greatly appreciated.
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I would start at the kill switch that is always a prime suspect in no spark cases. Have you been around much water? Playing in the mud/sand?
A corroded connection could also cause this problem. I would check all of your connections for crud, rust, and dust. It is also a good idea to check your ground or grounds.
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I'd check connections too, maybe remove the coil under the tank, and sand off the frame where it bolts to it, then check that the kill switch is tight and connecting metal well. those old coils do sometimes go. if you can find one on ebay, etc. it'll be alot cheaper than a cdi box, and just as common. check the spark plug cap too. i had one about 100years ago, that just loosed up on the wire enough to mess it up.

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