Adding Light System to a Go Cart


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Post Adding Light System to a Go Cart

We've just added Head lights, tail lights, and Brake lights to our Go Cart, for street use and to play around in the evening.

We've also added a Walmart special Motorcycle (all 12v) battery to power the lights, but we're using an external battery charger to charge the battery.

We have a Tecumseh 6 HP engine that has a light coil built in with a harness poking out of the engine. There is 20vac coming from the engine's light coil.

The question is, what component do we add to the go cart to charge the battery and power the lights from the engine alone and how do we wire it? We would also like to add an electic starter to the engine as well.

We've tried contacting some go cart companies via the net with no success.

Dave N Manvel
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I don't thin you will get much help from any go-cart company. I'm sure they don't want the liability of someone illegally driving a go-cart down the road.

As for your electric start. Try looking at similar Tecumseh engines with electric start. Many engine varieties are made from a common pool of parts. There is probably an industrial version of your engine with electric start. You will probably need to get a new flywheel with a starter ring, a starter motor & solenoid and come up with a starter switch and battery.

For charging, I would look at other industrial engines similar to yours. Versions that come from the factory with electric start probably have a simple little rectifier that would make adding battery charging pretty easy.
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Guess adding an electric start would be nice if it didn't sound like too much trouble.

Anyways, could I pick up this "rectifyer" at a local auto parts store?
I know it's a device that goes between an Alternator and a battery... but I'm not sure what to ask for at the auto parts store.

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I'm not sure an auto parts store would have it unless they do a lot of business in small engines. You could try a lawn mower repair shop. If you go in person you might get one for free off an old lawn tractor.

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