Honda ATC185S (1983)


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Honda ATC185S (1983)

I've got a Honda ATC185S Trike made in 1983 (like these It's seen a lot of hard work and given me a lot of fun in the last 2 years Iíve had it. However, the carb leaks fuel from both of the drain pipes when the engine is not running. I've tried temporarily plugging the pipes, but it then leaks from the air intake.

Also, it runs rich and carbons up plugs very quickly (I have to clean the plug almost every time I want to run it). I'm not sure whether Iím using the best plug for the engine (I'm using an NGK DR7EA plug). Can you tell me if this is the best plug for the job, or if not specify a better one (I prefer NGK's).

Also, it will not idle, no matter what I do, and as the pull cord has snapped, it is a bit of a pain.

It has no brakes and so you need to be mad to ride this thing, so it suits me perfectly (ha ha).

As you can probably tell from what Iíve told you, it lives on a farm.

Can anyone tell me if there is an electric start conversion kit for this trike - it would make it so much easier (I have to bump start it at the moment).


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Atc 185s

Hey There

Im not sure about your electric start conversion question but it sounds like a carb rebuild would help you out, I think they are around 20 bucks. Also in a Clymer manual it goes step by step with pics for fixing a pull start recoil which might be cheaper than a electric conversion but I do see the benefits. If the carb got rebuilt then it would definitly would be easier to start. Just my opinion...

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Shut off the fuel and pull the carb. You've picked up some dirt in the needle seat. Remove the 4 screws that hold the carb bowl and remove that. You'll see the float. Remove the pin that holds it to the carb housing. Take the needle valve out and check for dirt in the seat.
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Follow Rick's and Chuck's advice and take care of your float valve. It could ruin your day (or add some excitment) if a stray spark or back fire from a leaky exhaust ignites your fuel leak...

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