Briggs & Stratton wont fire......

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Unhappy Briggs & Stratton wont fire......

Hey everyone, I am new here. My freind and I are getting ready to build us some go karts to tool around on. Anyway we went over to the weekly swap meet yesterday and I spotted an old Briggs and Stratton Intek Pro 206. guy said he found it in his garage and didnt know if it ran. He wanted 20 for it, i talked him down to 10 and bought it.

Now here is what we found in messing with it:
Has frwsh oil (I changed it)
Has fresh gas (I changed it)
It has good spark and the spark plug itself has been cleaned up and it works.
Fuel is getting to the carb, past that, well im not sure
the on off switch on the front has one wire coming off of it that isnt connected to anything. I think its just the ground for the light on it.
The crank rotates smoothly an the engine is in pretty good shape.
It is model 12HOHV (does that mean its 12 Hp?? )

But it wont turn over. it ALMOST catches after giving the starter cord a few good yanks, but wont fire completely.

Anyone have any ideas what my problem is or could be?
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one thing to check is the valves. I just had an engine that wouldn't start until I cleaned out the build up around the valves.
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There are a lot of things it could be... I'd check the key between the crank shaft and flywheel. Often, an aluminum flywheel key is used and it sheers quite easily. All it takes is a hard backfire or sudden engine stoppage to sheer the key and get the timing off. Much past that, I'd go through all the basics (fuel, spark, compression). It sounds like you are getting a spark. Just because you put fresh gas in does not mean that the carb is not gummed up or adjusted wrong. Also you could have a valve problem (not sealing, bent/broken pushrod...).

You got the engine for a steel so you know something must be wrong. Most often I've found the carb to be gummed up from where somebody left gas in it over the winter. You need to give it a thourough cleaning (needles, jets...) and check the float. Then they often have a broken/sheered flywheel key. If none of that works, start taking things apart. Just pay careful attention to how things came apart so you can put it back together.

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