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Is riding a go kart around the block illegal?
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You mean like on the street?
Without a license, headlights, turn signals, etc.

what do ya think?

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Absolutely not.

If your block consists of a public road or sidewalk then the only vehicle that can be driven is one that can be licensed and carries public liability insurance.

I shudder to think of what would happen if someone were hurt or property damaged and you weren't insured.
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Mine is totally street legal! I am licensed to drive it to. Cause out here in Australia, they go buy engine class so as long as I have the right stuff on it and it can pass inspection it is totally street legal! As long as I can maintain a non resricted riders license I am legal!!!!!

Just before I have to have it inspected I put the whole exaust system back on it.
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Thumbs up Nice to hear from the other side of the planet!


You bring up a good point.

I made an assumption that other locations had rules about insurance for vehicles on a public road like most of North America does.

If you are able to be licensed for this type of vehicle, how do you insure yourself against property damage or public liability.
In other words, if you bang into something or somebody, who pays the bill.

Also, generally, what type of go-cart is permitted on your roads?

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