This might sound a bit nuts...


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Talking This might sound a bit nuts...

Hello all im new but heres my story,
My friend got an 05 ninja 636, well like most 18 year olds he totalled the front fork/wheel/brakes/headligts/ for the most part the body and the front end. Well I told him id buy the totalled mess off of him for a very good price, well before I do that I want to know what you guys think the chances are of making this motor work on a go kart frame would be. I know I'll have to put everything on the motorcycle on the go-kart (its fairly large) this is what i think I have to do so far feel free to tear this up if i am wrong.
wheelie bars/john deer lawnmower tires/wheels.
mount motor
mount raiator
mount computer/run wiring harness
ground battery hook up ect
mount/ run lines to fuel tank (not the stock one)
most probably use a different sprocket then whats on the go kart
eventually change the drum brake b/c this one wont last long.
I can't think of anything else right now its kind of late

side note, this project wont be made for turning, I have good connections with a 1/4 mile track by my house.
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First, I'd forget the John Deere lawn mower tires and start looking at racing slicks. You do not want to use any wheels & tires that are not meant for high speed use. Look at the tires they are using at your local track and see if you can get some hand-me-downs.

Send pictures when you get it done.
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Are you sure you want a 100 hp go-kart?? An open class shifter kart, depending on the engine chosen, makes in the neighborhood of 65-95 horsepower and will hit 165mph on the straights. They are very trick machines with high-end chassis and components, and they're still pretty dangerous. I'd think hard before I cobbed something together in my shop.

P.S. You forgot the fuel pump
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motorcycle engine on a go-cart frame

in 1990 me and my brother welded a yz 400 dirtbike motor on a gocart frame. we took a raceing yard cart (just like a regular cart just 2 inches off the ground)
we cut and extended the rear of the cart about 12 inches behind the seat,welded in a yamaha 125 three wheeler rear end ,cut the yz frame the motor was attached to and welded the frame and motor to the gocart frame ,
attached a rollbar and fuel tank.wired the motor ,plumed the fuel line ,atached the gas peddal,brake pedal,and had regular knobby go-cart tires in the front and rideing lawn mower tires in the back.(a word of advice USE TIREs THAT ARE SPEED RATED ABOVE 100 MPH)
all this in about a week(after school project)
when we were done we discoved that the kick starter couldnt be used due to the extremme commpession the motor had and nothing above it to use as support to kickstart the we would us a tow rope and pull start the cart.(with moms car)
i have drove a 10 second drag car ,a 8 second gs750 suzuki drag bike and the werent even close to pulling the Gs this thing pulled when you dumped the clutch in first gear turning about 10,000 rpms. it barly would spin the tires ,it would just hook up an gooooooooooo! every time you grabed the next gear it woul pin you to the seat.we finally melted the piston down when the exaust broke loose, two strokes dont run long without the exaust .we then transplanted a honda cb350 four cylinder in its place ,it wasnt as quick as the yz 400 but it was just as fast and had more torqe and with 4 short strait pipes ,it was very neghbors really liked me i finally sold it and it changed hand a couple of times and i believe its around memphis tenn somewhere.iv got one pictureof it with the 350 four cylinder on it and about fifteen minutes of video on vhs. i lived in water vally ms when it had the yz 400 on it then moved to ulm arkansas before putting the 350 four cyl. on it.i think im banned from that town still.
my advice is BUILD IT or youll regret not doing it.but take every precaution to ensure your 100+ mph a lot can happen in the blink of an eye.
p.s. at 100mph the wind and engine noise are so high you cant hear those annoying sirens behind you
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Just thinking about an inline 4 cyl 100 plus hp go cart gives me chills up the back of my neck. Don't forget about the fuel injection system and the fuel tank. The tank will need a return line for the F.I. to work. The chassis needs to be reinforced in every area so that this engine doesn't spit it up like a pretzel. Send us some pics during the build up.
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Congratulations Juice1, you are the first person I've heard that has actually clouged together a hot go cart and made it work.

Every week or two it seems someone asks how to put a supercharger on the go cart they bought at Wal-Mart but they don't even know how to adjust the mixture or change a spark plug. I'm glad to hear that there are still some people out there that can work with what they've got and make it work.

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thanks ,one of these days ill build a 1/2 scale size sand rail.full independent suspention ,butterfly shifter,1100cc. But for now ill just rebuild the 85 zl 900 eliminator i have in the project at a time for now.
if you have any questions on the go-cart project leave a post or email me.
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me and my cousin(cousin bought it,i just supplied the truck and trailor) just bought this off of ebay this weekend.
it has a 750cc kawi engine.
the guy did a really good job building this thing and its FAST.
he said it goes 115 mph but we havent had it out of 4th gear really.
im in the process of turning my blaster into a cart(in the planning stages)
so i should have it done by summer.
heres some pics.
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That really looks like a ton of fun!! Keep us updated with a ride report
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Make sure you let us know how it runs. Don't hit anything... it hurts...

I have to admit that I have taken my racing kart out to the airport to see what it would do. To my surprise, going really fast did not feel as fast as I thought it would. The pavement was soooo long, flat and wide that there was not much sensation of speed (other than the vibration, wind and the engine turning 8'000 rpm).
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try putting like a small block chevy on a g-kart frame, right ratios and, vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmm. ur gone

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