Snowmobile hood painting


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Snowmobile hood painting

I have an old snowmobile that i want to repaint. Does anyone know how to paint a plastic hood or the materials/supplies i need.

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How much do you want to spend (time & money)?

Just read up on any type of vehicle (automotive) painting.

I think that 3/4 of the work is getting ready to paint and the easy part is actually doing the spraying. If you do a really good preparation job you can even do a decent spray can job. Certainly automovie paints can yield a very professional result, but I think the most important part is the prep. (sanding, filling nicks & scratches, de-greasing, masking, priming...).

If it's an old beater sled then maybe spray paint is all you want to spend. Do a good job sanding up the surface, and get every tiny little nook & cranny (you want a rough/sanded surface for the new paint to grab). Go over the part several times with mineral spirits to get any dust/oil off.

If you want something more professional (and expensive). I've had good luck with Dupont VariPrime and Chroma One for the top cote. If you are not experienced spraying I'd stay away from base coat / clear coat paint sytemes. The bases are easy, but the clear coat can be tricky.
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That is right. Time and money are the key factors and prep work is essential to any paintjob. You need to talk to look at some paint specs to see if they are compatible with your sled body. if VariPrime and Chroma One are the answer then proceed. I've also had good success with some other DuPont products but they are base/clear applications. The trick to spraying the top clear over the base is to spray the first "dusty" let it tack up then spray a light coat over it and let it tack up (10 to 20 min depending on temp). Don't let the clear begin to sag though. Then repeat seveal light coats letting a 10 - 20 min tack between.

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