97/98 Suzuki LTF500 Quadrunner Carb Problems

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Unhappy 97/98 Suzuki LTF500 Quadrunner Carb Problems

Ok ya'll, really new to this site, but here goes. I've got problems with the carb in the 98quadrunner. Like I've seen here a bit, the machine spent 2 years sitting there. It was not winterized before we stopped using it. I did put Stabile in the gas tank, but did not run the gas thru the carb.

Ok, in early September, 04 I got a new battery. Installed that, and altho unable to remove carb, cleaned it best I could. Ive put 36 miles on it since I started this project, but just cant seem to keep it running. Ive changed the oil, oil filter...cleaned the air filter, oiled it, cleaned out the gas tank using Sea Foam, new gas in the tank...several new tanks of gas actually...let me explain that...I got it running a bit...and then, found that for some reason the gas was venting back under the seat(where the air filter chamber is) thru the carb. I cleaned the jets again, and that seemed to stop that problem(it happened 3 times) of course, each time, not using the gas that I had to siphon out, but replacing that with fresh gas. Last time it was running, we had recleaned everything in the carb, reset the idle jet screw and it was running fat...backfiring a bit..and when the choke was off, it would run the engine revolutions (idle speed) way up...so, I would engage the choke about half-way and that seemed to cure the problem, but then...again..we rode it..I put it up for the nite, everything seemed fine...and now I cant get it started again..

WHATS UP!!! I mean, Im not a mechanic(shade tree---under a really shady tree)...and I know it should be running fine...but, it's just not..

Can anyone help? Please? Im
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High RPM's at idle is a "lean" condition, verified by the fact that if you use the "choke" or enrichener it will bring the RPM's back down. You still have a clogged jet or passage. The only fix is to remove the carburetor and clean every jet and passage. It's not hard to remove the carb on your Suzuki. Remove the throttle cable at the carb, loosen the front and rear manifold clamps and pull the carb out of the intake manifold and pull it out the side. If you can send a digi picture. I can give more accurate directions. Sean

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