melex golf cart (model-212)


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melex golf cart (model-212)

I have a melex golf cart (model-212) dont know the year. This is a 36v electric cart, which runs on six 6v batteries. It was running just fine and about two days ago it stopped on me. It hasn't moved since, I am not experienced in the repair of golf carts. So I have turned to this forum in hopes that one of the experts would advise me on the steps to take to troubleshoot it.

There is one thing that who ever might read this should know. The cart has two solnoids on it. A main one in the front center and a second one hook up in the back passenger side of the cart. The one in the back has two wires from the motors POS and NEG hook up to the two larger poles of the solnoid. And the two smaller poles, one is hook up two the forwrd switch by the pedal and the other has a by pass wire to thr larger pole on that side.

The reason I feel this is important to know is because from I been told the cart has been modified. Maybe someone could give me the skinny on that "is it or isn't it." And if so should I change both of them?

If anyone has any kind of wiring diagrams on this cart, I would be thankfull if someone would share them with me.

There is one other thing that I have discovered in looking at the cart, is that two of the post on motor are loose. It has to post in the frony of the motor, side by side and the two in the back in a line are the ones loose. Is this a problem and if so can they be fixed and how?

If anyone could be so kind to respond to this or any part of this request for help I would very greatful. And for those who take there time to read this I thank you for your time.

My email address is on the bottom, if you would like to respond that way as well.


[email protected] .com
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Melex Golf Cart

I don't know anything about golf carts but I think I can help. I don't know how basic I need to go here. 36 volts of cart batteries shorted by your watch or ring can get red hot immediately. Remove them first. Dirty battery connectors can get warm enough to melt the battery post or wiring. Do the solenoids "click" when they should? The solenoids act like switches to handle the heavier current for the motor. If they click correctly then you probably have battery voltage failing to come through the solenoids. If they don't "click" then the problem should be in the control wires or switches for that solenoid.
Do you have or have a friend with a voltmeter? First, your batteries will all be in series. That is positive of one connected to the negative of the next and so on. The voltages all add together to make your 36 volts (6 batteries times 6 volts each). Check for voltage from the negative of the first to the positive of the last one in the string while pressing go. It should read about 36 volts and drop somewhat under load but it doesn't sound like it is getting any load from the motor. If it doesn't read about 36 volts then you may have a bad cell or more likely a bad batt connection or cable. Each cell should read about 6 volts. Remove and clean the connectors if there is any large voltage reading drop. The solenoid that has both motor wires going to it is for reversing the polarity of the motor for forward and reverse. The other solenoid should be the "go" switch. Leave the negative lead of your meter connected to the battery and move the other probe following the path of wiring. You may find the voltage doesn't come through one of the solenoids. Good Luck. Tell us what fixed it.
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melex golf cart

I forgot to mention the motor. when the solenoid is closed you should read 36 volts across the two motor wires. If you read 36 volts across the motor then the problem is the motor. The loose posts don't sound good. If you determine that the voltage across the motor is good then you may only have bad motor brushes. If you determine this we will go farther on checking the motor.
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If you can not find your answers here. I've gotten lots of help for my cart at ( It is a forum just for golf carts. Sometimes the replies can take a few days but the advice has been excellent.
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Melex 212

I have a melex 212 and would be happy to help if you need it. Try the web site It is a long list of topics on golf carts. I am sure you can fine wiring diagrams etc. It is also helpful if you can post pictures of the wiring you have so people can see what is happening.

I just replaced my 36 volt solenoid and I only have one solenoid. Are you sure it is a solenoid and not just a relay.

feel free to contact me if you cant get what you need at buggiesgonwild. I have several posts there but I am very low on the totem pole as far as the people that use that site.
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Steering assembly for Melix 212

I need the complete steering assembly for my Melix 212. Just from the steering wheel down. I don't need the steering wheel or any front end parts. If you have one you can sell, please contact me at [email protected] or call Tom Carlisle at (928) 768-4894. Thanks.

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melex golf cart wiring diagram

I have a melex gof cart (85' or 86'). I bought all new batteries for it. I forgot how to hook them up the correct way. If anyone can help it would be greatly appericated.

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