motorcyle not starting!!!

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motorcyle not starting!!!

Last night i tried starting my ninja 250 to move it to the garage and i revved a little on accident as it started while on choke. After that it died and i wasn't able to get it started. I figured i had flooded it and i'd wait and see till this morning and start it before work. Well it came kinda close to starting but it never turned over, AND during the process i got this really loud backfire. Any ideas on what is going on?

PS. I just remembered i left it on choke all night by accident, don't know if that would make any difference.
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250 Ninja

I really dont think that leaving the choke on matters much. The choke is only there to restrict the amount of air that flows through the carbs. I would be more apt to look towards the spark plugs,,,,,they may be fouled. By what you have said in your post, hard to start and backfiring thats where I would start the diagnosis
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Modern motorcycles like your 250 Ninja have a "choke" but it is not a choke like we remember. It is an enrichening circuit that adds more fuel to a cold engine. It does not work unless you try and start the engine. The symptoms you describe are of fouled plug. Change (replace, not remove and clean) your plugs and ride on!

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