Go cart turbo

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Go cart turbo

I have read about putting exhaust headers and straight pipes onto go cart engines and this adding horse power.

I was wondering if anyone has tried putting a turbo onto the engine. Would this cause any problems with the engine?

Instead of an exhaust powered turbo such as cars have I was thinking belt or chain driven since. Possible the fan part of a electric leaf blower geared correctly could keep a steady pressure at the intake manifold.

What do people think of this idea? Plausible or completely insane?
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Since you don't already have a header, I assume you are talking about a yard cart and not a racing kart. Yes, turbochargers and supercharges have been used. It is not an easy or cheap way to get power. Adding a turbo or supercharger is about number 73 on my list of "ways to make more power".

It is much cheaper and more reliable to just buy a larger engine.

If you still want to tinker with your engine...

The easiest way to get about 30% more power is to convert the carb. to methanol which requires larger jets than gasoline. You will need to use a synthetic or castor based oil meant for alcohol.

Then advance the timing. Methanol, really likes the spark sooner.

Then get a header. There are many sizes and lengths depending on how you want the engine to run.

Everything above is pretty easy and safe. The next modification will allow you to get a lot more power out of your engine. The trade off is that you will start to really shorten it's life and have the very real chance that the engine will go boom (or at least, clank/pop/screech with parts flying and oil everywhere).

Remove the govenor. Be very careful reving the engine up without a load. It is easy to over rev. and blow the engine when running it on the bench. It is much harder to over rev when there is a load on the engine.

If you still want more power. Get a high lift racing cam, and you will also need new lifters and valve springs. By this point you will also need a billet connecting rod. The rod does nothing for power but if anything is going to let go it will be the stock/cast rod that came with your engine.

Switch to a Tillson carb.

Mill the head.

Overbore .030

Well, by now you get the idea.... and to be honest, if you don't already know how to do the above things (and many more) you are really not ready to start tinkering with boosting your manifold pressure.
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I have a sugestion to make. If you take off the governer then in order to not over rev it install a Tachometer. If you know your max RPM's then set the shift light or whatever to just a little bit under the limit. My engine is a modified 2 stroke motocross engine off a friends Yamaha YZ 250 Dirtbike!!!! That is what I did was wire a tachometer in there so I know right when to shift! It should work with a single speed engine I am not sure. It is an offroad cart with ( dont ask me were i got it because my friend hooked me up with it ) a titanium frame! The thing is street legal to! It has working headlights and turnsignals also a taillight!!!! It will go about 150 KMH!!!
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I agree with pilot dane. all you need to do is get a methanol carb and mess with the timing. I dont know if it will be a 30% boost but it should be enough

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