synthetic oil in a quad (sorry if its been asked)


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synthetic oil in a quad (sorry if its been asked)

I just bought a 2003 Suzuki z400 quad and have ridden it very hard for about 90 miles
And thinking it is time for an oil change
Can you use a car Mobil 1 synthetic oil
I would think this was asked 500 times but I could not find it
When would a good time for a oil change, because I donít have the book
Can you buy the filter at a regular parts store or do you need to go to a bike shop

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I would call the Suzuki shop and ask if they sell a synthetic oil for that bike. Reason I say that is because I had an 84 Goldwing. The Haynes manual said not to use synthetic oil. Ten years later, Honda shop is selling synthetic oil and I asked why I couldn't use it in my bike. Was told I could. Reason in 84, Honda didn't sell that type oil. I also bought my oil filter at Discount Auto parts.$3.00 compared to $7.00 at Honda. Was shown the reference book to make sure it was the right filter. Bike shops make a lot of their money on parts and service and will tell you they have to use special parts and lubes. If my bike was under warranty, I would have to use the expensive stuff but not after the warranty expires. Many owners will argue the point, so I let them. Just don't like being ripped for the same product with a different name on the container. Choose for yourself.
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Synthetic Oil is OK for most quads. It might cause you some problems if you have a wet cutch. If it were me I would be sure and get synthetic oil meant for quads. The formula and proprieties of automotive oil is not right for quads. Itís like using putting diesel in a gas motor, yes gas and diesel are both fuel but. they both do the same thing in totally different ways.
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The automotive oils are not designed to lubricate the motorcycles wet type clutch. Motorcycle oils have different additives that work with the clutch and transmission gears that auto oils do not need, they have seperate oils for those.
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thanks i will get hold on the dealer ship and get the proper oil, no reason to take a chance
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make sure the synthetic oil dont have additive for friction reduction due to the wet clutch in your quad.
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Oils with the wording: "energy conserving" around the bottom of the API circle
should not be used in an ATV with wet clutches.
Check your owners manual if you have it.
These oils have friction modifiers in them that will give you nothing but grief if you use them.

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