honda 200 big red shifter arm sticks

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honda 200 big red shifter arm sticks

honda 200 big red-1984? recently bought-engine runs very well-starts with one pull-great idle. question: three speed, pulling up on shifter to downshift it stays up. no external parts appear missing, have not taken off housing for trans-any suggestions before i tear apart. it runs well so i do not want to foul it up-no grinding-no slipping-plenty of power. thanks
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Sounds like the shift detent spring could have broken. Is there any "spring tension" on the shifter lever? Do you have to manualy push the shifter back down to change the gear again? If I remember correctly, the clutch cover would have to be removed to gain access to the shift shaft which has a spring on it to return the lever in the "nuetral" position after each shift. This spring on your Honda has broken and does not allow the shifter to return on it's own. Grab a repair manual from your local dealer and make the repair, it's not hard. Good luck and let us know what you find. Sean
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Talking atc200

in the first post you said your wheeler had 3 gears ,.all atc200 wheelers had 5 speed trannys. so it sounds like someone got carried away on the shifter and broke or bent something could be a bent shifter shaft,broken return spring,bent or broken shifter fork,damaged fork drum,bent or broken internal shift lever or shift star(i cant remember the actual name of the star,but it s located at the end of the shifter drum ,it has 5 or 6 pins on the end that the internal shift lever pulls or pushes on to twist the drum and slides the shift forks horazontaly on the drum to engage the selected gear.
I would pull the engine side cover off and inspect the shift mechanisms for any bent or broken parts.if im not mistake the shifter shaft passes all the way thru the motor to the right side of the motor and this is where the internal shift leaver and return spring are located ,i would buy a manual and double check ,just to be on the safe can get the manuals at most auto parts stores.or you can go to your local honda shop but itll cost a little more.
good luck juice
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big red tranny

smclaulghlin and juice1-
thanks for the quick responses!! it does feel like a spring not pulling back. i will pull off the cover and take a look. opening transmissions on equipment always gives me pause when i have never seen the inside of it before.

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