2- cycle golf cart


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2- cycle golf cart

I have recently installed a new top half to an old ParCar/ Columbian golf car. Everythink seemed to go together just fine... Now thats its back together, the only way I can get it to roll over is with the spark plug out. As soon as I put in the plug the starter doesn't have enough power to roll the engine over.

Can anyone give me some ideas on what might be up?
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First, I'd go through the basic electrical stuff: get a good fully charged battery, clean the battery terminals and connections at the solenoid & starter motor.

I've heard some people talk about a starter going "weak" though I've never seen one personally.
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I am with Pilot, you need to eliminate the electrical stuff first. Measure the voltage on the battery, and if it is not close to 13, try a different battery or jumper cables. My battery charger has a 50 amp "starter setting", which helps overcome weak batteries when troubleshooting.
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Connect a DC volt meter to the battery. Use should get a reading of anywhere from 12.5-14.0V for a fully charged battery. Hit the starter button while the meter is connected and check volts at the battery. A good battery will maintain 9-12V but a bad battery may drop below that while cranking.

Try checking how many volts are reaching the starter motor. Connect the red (+) lead of the volt meter to the starter motor positive side and the black (-) to a common ground while hitting the starter motor. You should get at least 12V to the starter, if not you have a battery/electrical problem.

Did the starter work fine before the top end replacement? I have seen where the engine will make too much compression and even a good starter motor does not have the power to rotate the engine. You can try a compression check of the engine to conform this. A good engine will have about 150lb's of compression (testing with throttle wide open) I have seen engines with carbon build up on top of the piston where the compression is near 200lbs

Let us know what you find.

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