Steering Ti-Rod Question ?


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Question Steering Ti-Rod Question ?

I'm designing my cart with dual A-Arm suspention, and I made a model out of wood to try it first, so I wouldn't waste steel. I noticed that when I raised the wheel (the amount of travel that the shocks would allow), that the wheel not only went up, but also moved out away from the cart 3/4 to 1 inch. It doesn't seem like much but the other wheel would do the same thing, causing an almost 2 inch spread.
My question is this:
How do you connect the tie rods between the wheel and steering column in a way that allows free movement of the wheels.
The way I look at it now is that if one wheel goes up, it will cause the other to turn out.
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Do you have a drawing or a picture we can see? I'm curious to see the suspension geometry you have created.
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I don't have a picture, but I can make a .pdf file of the drawing.
I don't know how to post it here, or make it available for viewing.

If you would like me to e-mail it to you, contact me at - [email protected]

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