85' 200x three wheeler wont start


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85' 200x three wheeler wont start

i dont know much about small engines but the plug has spark but it wont even fire without the carb on using starting fluid. any ideas anyone?
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Well that's a new one. I've never tried starting an engine with the carb. removed... Generally I leave the carb on the engine. Spray a short shot of ether in the throat of the carb. and then try to crank it. Generally you want a rich (more fuel, less oxygen) mixture for starting. With the carb. removed your engine might have been acting like the throttle was wide open and possible it was lean when you were trying to start.

I'm sure you know the basics, you need; compression, spark and fuel. You've say you've got a spark so that's one to cross off the list. I would not worry about compression at first since it's got to be really bad before the engine will not run. So that leaves fuel. When in doubt, clean the carb. I've seen old fuel cause more problems than anything else.
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did you change the plug? might need to check valve clearance for starters.
timing correct.??
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Assuming that your compression is good, it take more energy to fire a plug under compression then it does outside the engine. Considering the age and nature of an ATV a very common problem often overlooked is corrosion where the plug wire connects to the plug cap. These plug caps (if still stock) screw into the end of the wire. Quick check, remove the plug cap by unscrewing it and look at the end of the wire and inside the cap where the wire connects. If it looks greenish and corroded then replace the cap and if you have enough plug wire, you can trim it back 1/4 inch so the new cap will connect with good wires.

I never recommend using starter fluid except as a last resort and if you do, use it very sparingly.

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The plug itself can also be the problem. The cermamic inside the plug can erode and rather than directing the spark to the tip it will travel through the threads and into the head.


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