Make my Kart go faster


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Make my Kart go faster

hey everyone,
I am new to all this go karting (motor) stuff so bare with me

I want my 6.5 hp go kart to go faster and i heard that i need to fix the governor in it to let more gas into the combustion chamber ...but how....?

need help
want to go fast
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Talking NEED YEAR, MAKE, and model of engineI

I know what your trying to do and might be able to help in going faster.Usually the tesion on the governer spring can be tightened up. You need to know all modifications start from the inside of an engine. If an engine is not set up to run at higher RPMS it will probably scatter all over your yard with you left picking up the pieces.Often times some performace can be gained thru cluthing and gearing. We dont use governers on our racing engines so the throttle cable runs directly to the carb. These engines have been built to withstand high RPMs and special machine processes done to achieve this performance.
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You didn't mention if you have a fun kart or a competition kart, but it sounds as though you have a fun kart. Monke is right about the engine over-speeding but you can likely get away with running the engine at 4000 rpm and not have any trouble. A few years back I used to race lawnmowers with no beefing of the internal components (as there are none available) and ran successfully at 5500 rpm using quality synthetic oil. With the exception of getting a bit of aluminum transfer from the rod to the crank on one ocassion, I've never once blown an engine. I will say the absolute best way to attain more top speed without sacrificing the engine's integrity will be to change the gearing along with a slight increase in engine rpm.
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Removing the govenor is probably the cheapest way (free) in the short term to get more speed. The penalty is engine life. The faster you turn the engine the shorter it's life. The big thing to watch is that without the govenor, it is no longer idiot proof. You can step on the gas until the engine blows.

You can change your sprockets either on the clutch or on the rear axel to change the drive ratio. Everything is a trade-off. If you go to a smaller rear sprocket (on the axel) to go faster your acceleration will suffer.

For reliability and low cost the best way to get more performance is to bolt on a bigger engine. Yes, a new engine will be several hundred, but tricking a stock engine up to a racer is much more expensive (crank, carb, header, valves, clutch...).

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