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Talking school (Building A Go Cart)

i am a high school student trying to build a kick ass go cart. i want to build a professional one with less amount of money possible. here is my plan since my school have a machine shop, i can built the frame out of aluminum.
here are my questions
how is the clutch on go cart gonna work?
where can i find a plan for the frame?
can i use anymotor? ( i am planing to buy one on ebay)
where can i find a plan to build he steering from aluminum?

thank you for reading
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Even with several thousand dollar budgets kart racing still uses steel for the frame. Generally racing karts do not have suspensions so the frame is designed to flex which is tough, fatigue wise, on aluminum.

You can use any engine you like. Most common are those with a horizontal shaft 3/4" diameter. Vertical shaft engines make it more difficult to get the power transferred from the vertical engine shaft to the horizontal rear axel.

Most racing kart and go carts use a centrifugal clutch. The clutches usually have a sprocket attached and that with the sprocket on your drive shaft will determine your drive ratio.
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thanks for the reply
i have a question about the break system, what kind of break system do they use on a go kart?
your reply have been extreme helpful
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Most yard carts and oval track racing karts use a single hydraulic disc brake on the rear axel. Since most carts do not have a differential the one brake stops both rear wheels and is powerfull enough to easily lock up the wheels. Some karts racing on road courses will have brakes on all four wheels.
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don't use aluminum. better idea to use steel stock.

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