Muffling engine question


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Muffling engine question

Now I know this is slightly off topic but after searching all day for the exact forum to help me this is the closest I've found, I'm looking into pocket bikes but my question is a basic engine question which I feel stupid for needing to ask but those bikes are known as being loud and I don't want to annoy my neighbors so basically my question is am I better off muffling a 2 cycle or 4 cycle engine, most of the pocket bikes come with 2 cycle and obviously enough sound like lawn mowers or weed wackers even with the mufflers on, if I put a very effective muffler on a 2 cycle engine am I basically killing any power for making the bike move? or am is basically impossible to do it even with the 4 cycle as well, I don't need a perfect silent bike just one that won't bother people in their houses when I drive around, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I'm not that familiar with pocket bikes (I prefer dirt bikes) but I'm sure the principles are the same. The expansion chamber of a 2 stroke is designed to complement the desired characteristics of the engine by creating a back pressure at the correct time to force fuel that has followed the exhaust back into the engine. (This is a little simplistic, but essentially correct.) Changing the pipe can really mess up performance.
The silencer on the end of the chamber also effects these characteristics, but not as dramatically. It might be possible to put a different silencer on the bike and not overly effect the power, but I'd check with the manufacturer or dealer for opinions first.
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There is also a fair bit of intake noise that makes it's way past the air filter. Many modern cars have some crazy intake plumbing to help quiet them down.

I once tried puting an automobile muffler on an 8hp Briggs engine that was on an old generator. It did very little. The muffler certainly quieted the exhaust noise but you could only tell when you got rather close. Most of the noise was coming from the inatake and through the engine case.

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