woman wants a bike!


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woman wants a bike!

Are there any women with bikes in this forum? Or anyone who could give advice to a 52" woman who wants a bike to learn on? Any ideas or suggestions on buying a first bike would be a big help. Thanks!
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I can't necessarily help you but it would help others to know if you're looking for a road bike or off-road scooter. My wife is 5'7", 120lbs. and rides a Fat Boy, FYI.
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Originally Posted by puey61
I can't necessarily help you but it would help others to know if you're looking for a road bike or off-road scooter. My wife is 5'7", 120lbs. and rides a Fat Boy, FYI.
Puey!!! Your not fat!!! LOL, sorry I had too!!!
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I would suggest you to buy Honda Rebel - its nice size small 250cc motorcycle easy to learn onclick here to see

I would advice to you buy it used then sell it once you know how to ride.then buy bigger 600 or 1000 cc.it will be more fun.

I have suzuki bandit 600cc.

or you can buy suzuki GS250 Click here to see
this both bikes are around 3000 if you buy new.
old will be around 1500
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I suggest you go to as many motorcycle dealers as possible, [ unless you plan on riding the interstate a 250 cc to 650 cc will work just fine ] sit on them and try to get a feel of the bike , you may not know just what to look for , however you will get clear pretty quick what you don't like , does your feet touch the ground without reaching, or standing on your tip toes, are the bars too high or too low, after some time you surely will find a bike that feels good to you, at this point shop around for the best deal, however take some one with you who knows bikes, so as not to get ripped off.

lol steve
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I am female and have a bike

Everyone I talked to at the dealerships wanted me to get a Rebel or some other smaller bike. I suggest that you first take a driver's safety course. That is the best money I ever spent. I am 5'7" and ride a VT700 Honda Shadow. I learned to ride on a Rebel, but I am telling you, you will outgrow that bike too, too fast. I only weigh 110 pounds, am 50 years old, and have no problem getting around on my bike. You will want to stick to a cruiser style bike and some of them have a lower center of gravity and are also built to lower the seat even further on some bikes.

I was kind of put out looking at the dealerships because they took one look at me and pointed me to the smallest adult bike in the store. The good thing would be to go to those places and place yourself on the bike and see how it feels to you, at your height. Our instructor also told us it is good to start wtih a used bike, because it is less traumatic ($$$$$$$$$$$) if you tip it over a time or two while you are practicing. Most of our training schools have the rebels there to learn on and that would give you an idea. Some of the people in our class made the mistake of buying a bike before they took the class. Some of the women had spent $$$$$$$$ on the big, "showey" bikes and a couple of them didn't do too well in class. They were upset because they had already invested in those high dollar Harley's and were afraid to take them out. By the way, the new Harley Sportster is suppose to have a lower center of gravity this year.

In 2004 Suzuki made a bike called the Intruder that sits low. It is also pretty cool looking. If I wasn't in love with my older bike, I would get one now. Something along that line would not be overwhelming to start on. Let me know if you want more info, I'd be glad to help.
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Best thing you can do is go around to a couple dealerships and actually sit on some bikes. No one can tell you which one is going to fit you best. Worry less about the size of the engine and more about the size of the frame. If you have to lean the bike in order to touch the ground with your feet, or stretch to get a comfortable grip on the handlebars, it's not going fun to ride, and you'll have a heck of time learning on it! My friend's mother was 5' 2" and rode a Harley Sportster, but she did have to have it lowered to fit her.
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The first and foremost thing that you ought to do is find a Motorcycle Safety Foundation class. It's just soooo easy to get creamed.
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Amen, Brother

I forgot to mention that that had been my first move. Best money I ever spent in my life. Actually, I thought my life was well worth that bit of $$$ and my time investment. I have been riding ever since and I still replay the information I learned in class every single time I ride. Thanks for mentioning the MOST important part of learning to ride.

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