94 Taurus electrical maze


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94 Taurus electrical maze

When you press on brake pedal, lights work fine, problem is all corner markers also come on.When you press on pedal and depress the rear window defogger switch the dash light(oil-battery and other condition) lamps light up and the door chime rings and the switch at shifter to let you move shifter releases.If you turn on headlights the brake lights are already on-depressing brake just slightly brightens them moreIf the car is running and you dress the rear defroster button you can remove ignition switch and it will keep running until you release the def. switch again.And Im sure a bunch of other scenarios.
Thanks for any info.
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Someplace you have an open ground circuit. The first one that comes to mind is the one by the L.Front corner of the engine compt, another may be to the left of the glovebox opening. Study a wiring diagram (I do not have) & check where all the grounds for the affected circuits come together Good Luck (R)
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Talking 94 taurus electrical

Has this car ever been underwater? in a flood or submerged?
last ford I saw with symptoms like that was in a lake up to the doors and took weeks to dry out. never did completely

most times strange symptoms are traced to either faulty grounds that allow back flows into other unrelated circuits, or to crossed conductors due to abraided insulation maybe caused by sloppy body work, muffler repair etc.

try pulling fuses for the things that should not come on and see if this stops it. then you have a better idea of what is crossed with what or what common ground is involved.


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