Briggs 5hp 136202 off a Carter 2505 Super Wheels, throttle t...


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Question Briggs 5hp 136202 off a Carter 2505 Super Wheels, throttle t...

The thing is my husband is not computer literate and is having trouble naming the exact item he is having problems with.
He says he has the throttle assembly connected, but he is having trouble with something on the other side that has a rod, and connects to the gas tank. He was taking the carb off to clean it and the spring poped and he is totally lost.
The way he has whatever it is hooked up at the moment, when you let off the choke, the kart takes off & then when you hit the throttle, you have way more power then you should. I realize in some cases, this would be desired, but when you bought it for your 8 yr old, this is a problem.
Any idea what he has done wrong & how it can be fixed?
Thanks in Advance
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the thing with the cart just takeing off is most likly linkage on the carbaruator. I would also like to know what spring it is that he lost. this could be the with it just takeing off. Also when u said when u push the gas it goes to fast. that could be that it doesnt have a governor. the governor is located on the armature(what creates the spark)the armature is on top of the flywheel. just take the main shroud off and that should let u konw. i might be able to tell u more about the throttle hook up if i could see it.
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I'm happy to send a pic.

Got an address I can send a pic to, my husband was complaining about it being strange that when you press down the gas, it is supposed to push the throttle foreward and not backwards, if that helps.
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Since you're not sure of what exactly you have nor how to explain it very well, i'd suggest buying a service manual for your particular model series Briggs. Find a local dealer or go to and purchase one. These are very helpful manuals.

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