LTD 1100 wont start - carb problem??


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Unhappy LTD 1100 wont start - carb problem??

My 84 LTD 1100 has been having carb issues for a couple of seasons.The bike seems to run well, but then I will start to get a leak from my right outside carb when it is parked.
I have checked seals, hed the carbs adjusted, and the problem keeps reoccuring.
Then I will notice that the oil is full of gas, and I have to do a full oilchange, etc.
Does anyone have a solution, this is really starting to frustrate the hell out of me!

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I'm not familiar with the exact carbs on your scooter but...You will either have a float problem (if they're brass and hollow) and/or an inlet and needle problem. The problem is the carb is not shutting off the fuel at a prescribed level, due to one or both problem areas. The bowl will have to be removed to service such. Note: It would be much easier to do the repair with the carb dismounted from the engine since the inlet needle and seat are easier to get at like so.
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Thumbs up Thanks puey61

I had a similar reply from a different source, stating the cause to be varnished float valves sticking, and causing the overflow.
Looks like those carbs are coming off again, for more than just a little cleaning.
Thanks for the response!
I already heard a number of bikes firing up this morning, so it's time to get to work.
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Sounds you have a potential 2 problems. I don't know about 1100 but it is common practice the fuel is either delivered via fuel pump or gravity feed controlled by a rubber diaphragm. In both cases there should be no fuel flow when the engine is not running. So the fact that gas is leaking while the engine is off makes me suspect the rubber diaphragm might have a hole in it, allowing
fuel to free flow into the vacuum source which is usually at the throat of one of the carbs. This will allow gas to flow into the carbs through the intake manifold. Another possibility would be that the check valve that the diaphragm opens and closes to turn the gas on or off is not sealing. This diaphragm is normally located in the value to turn the gas on. Considering the age of your 1100, float valves may need attention, but they would only leak gas while the engine is running, so they would not be my first investigation.

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