1980 Yamaha XT250 - runs rough.


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1980 Yamaha XT250 - runs rough.

I've had this bike for a number of years and I recently changed the needle valve because it seemed to flood easily. Now the engine runs rough, will not idle and backfires.

I'm going to change the plug to see if that helps but I was wondering if there is some adjustment I should make to the carb or if old gas could be the problem. The gas is more than a year old.
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When you replaced the needle valve, did you remove the entire carb or just the float bowl? If you removed the whole carb, double check that the carb boot is seated properly - if not, the resulting vaccum leak can cause rough running. If you rev it up, do the revs hang and take a while to come down?

Definitely dump the old gas.

There is also a chance you've got gummed up jets if the bike has been sitting for a while with old gas in it.

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