Yamaha overheating


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Yamaha overheating

I have a 1990 Yamaha 350, oil cooled. Uses include towing a sprayer that is operated off the ATV's battery. This requires lots of idling and slow movement with the result being that the ATV overheats. It did not do this last year, so what do I do now?
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read up and find all the info you can on how the oil cooled engines work. once you know how somthing works, it is easier to figure out what is wrong with it. dont hesitate to buy a manual if you dont already have one becuase it explains alot of things. they are a very good investment because they have many good diagrams that show everything. if the atv was sitting since last year, check the oil cooler fins, (front of the atv, probably behind some piping) but dont take it off or disconect any hoses yet unless you want oil all over you. check to make sure the fins are not blocked by grass clippings, mud dobber nests, mud, dirt, bugs, etc. check for cracks, leakage, or bent fins and straighten any fins that need it. if there is a leak, you are losing oil and the cooler needs to be replaced as it cannot be serviced. check all hoses leading to and from the engine to the cooler for cracks, abrasion, wear, and leaks, pinches or kinks in the hose can also cause poor circulation of oil and will cause it to overheat. good luck and let us know!

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