91 suzuki quadrunner


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Question 91 suzuki quadrunner

Hello all,
I am very new to this forum but I am at wits end. My wife let my 2 nieces ride one of our 4 wheelers and they turned it over (Thank god neither one was hurt). However now it will not start. It is getting fire to and through the spark plug and gas is reaching the cylinder. I changed the plug to see if that was the problem and before I put the new plug in I turned the engine over a few times and I can see gas in the cylinder The engine will turn over just fine but I cannot figure out why it won't start. I just finished charging the battery for the 3rd time

Both atv's have several years on them but they are perfect for our needs so I would like to keep them awhile longer. Any and all help is appreciated. This has me baffled.
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I'm guessing that when the quad was turned over gas ran into the cylinder flooding the engine. Try a new plug and kick the engine over a few times without the plug installed to dry out the engine. DO NOT lay the plug wire with plug in it beside the spartk plug hole when kicking the engine over.
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try what he said, but also if you could, do what i did when i flipped mine in the pond. use a come-along and some ropes to tilt the atv over on its side a bit enough to help any excess oil/gas come out when the piston comes to top dead center. also use some WD-40 to help cut any oil that might have gotten into the cilinder though there should be none in it if your rings are good. other then being flooded you shouldn't have any other problems other then checking your spark plug gap and make sure it didnt get fouled or bent. good luck!

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