DIY moped


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DIY moped

here's my idea for building a moped from an old bicycle, and a chainsaw

i will take a chainsaw engine, take off the chain and any unnecessary parts, then replace the chain with one that is used on a bike. i may or may not have to replace the gear in the saw with one that will fit a bike.

several things that im not quite sure about:

- will chainsaw be powerfull enough to propell myself and the bike at a reasonable speed?

- how will i be able to attach the motor to the bike frame (currently i have no access to a welding torch). will i be able to bolt it on? how strong does this have to be?

- how will i control my contraption? how hard will it be to extend the current controls to reach the handlebars?

-if im using a chainsaw, will i be able to have the motor running, but no force being applied to the chain to spin the wheel.
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i dont know about you

i dont know about you but iwouldnt want to put that muchwork into a 23cc moter i have a 80cc from kings moter bikes that cost me 160 delivered and does about 30
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depending on the sizr of your chainsaw motor you should have plenty of power if you have a decent sized engine )anything above 50cc would be fine) but what i would do is get an old bikes rear wheel with sprocket and put it on the front and mount your saw above the front wheel attached to the forks, then you dont have to mess with the main drive sprocket, if you widen the forks a bis it should work
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diy moped

Well I built a gas powered scooter out of a 23cc engine, ringed engine, thats good to have, non ringed engine dont last long.

There is alot of info out there on the net on how to do one.

You will have to use the clutch in the cahin saw, and will likely need a different sprocket.

I had some angle metal used to mount to the scooter, next screamer scooter from wal-mart. btw

I welded mine, but recommend a making a bracket to just bolt to the bike frame. And I recommend on the rear also.

You might have not have good low end speed, but once it gets going, it should run around anywhere from 15 mph to 27 depending on gearing.

You could do also a hinged engine bracket, that way you dont have to use the engine all the time, a direct drive motor, I seen some people use a bikes axle exstender, (kids use them on there bike to do tricks) and have that rub on the tire. now the tire does wear out faster. but its another way I have seen it done.

throttle cable, i just used a bike cable and a stronger return spring to help close the cable on the throttle. I also recommend a kill switch.

There is not enough torq in them to have to weld, just some good bolt mounting would work fine.

Like i said I used a u piece of angle then steal, I think it was 1/8th, I mounted the engine to that and the u piece went over the well, to mount to both sides of the frame. I had to cut out the whole for the engine to mount on the side of the u bracket. with the shaft protruding thru the u bracket.


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