painting/ need to get off brake line.


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painting/ need to get off brake line.

ok, as you know i am in the process of some painting on my 4-wheeler. i'm working on the front left side currently. i have the tire off (painted rims yesterday) and i have removed the left steering connecting rod, 'pitman' arm that connects the steering rod to the 'knuckle' and the top and bottom A-arms. i have sanded and painted all of the mentioned parts. now i want to paint that knuckle but to get it off i would have to remove the brake line connected to it. the manual says i have to bleed the whole system to take it off. when i just loosen the nut it starts to bleed and i cant get a ratchet on it to get it off quick enough and hold it above reservior level. is there anyway i can get it off with very minimal bleeding then plug it so i dont have to drain the whole system for just the one side?
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You could just have a clean container underneath it so that you dont have to replace the fluid and then just put it back in the reservoir.
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remove the caliper instead of takeing the line off at the caliper maybe?
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Tie the brake handle back so brakes are slightly applied. This will prevent master cyl. draining completely. After you reattach brake line you'll have to bleed the brakes.

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