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Exclamation Golf Cart

I just recently got a golf cart and it goes way too slow for me. me being a speed freak, i want to take out the governor. it is a gas, ez-go textron. i dont kno if u need to kno nething else. but ya, just get back 2 me.

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You did not say the year of your cart or if it's a two stroke or the more modern four stroke.

1. With the cart off. Make sure you can get full throttle (butterfly all the way open) at the carb. Does depressing the gas pedal all the way move the carb. to the full throttle position or does it still leave the butterfly partially closed?

2. A wire tie pulling several coils of your govenor spring will give you more speed without totally removing the govenor.

3. Larger tires. This will probably require a lift kit to give the tires clearance from the body.

4. Try a slightly shorter drive belt.
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I dont know that disconnecting the governer will help you that much, I would into the grears or clutch, Im not to knowing on them.

But the problems seems more of a issue in that area, the governer is not gonna give you more more speed, maybe 3 to 5 mph

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see if you could get a different tourqe converter for it with i guess a smaller pulley on the front, and a bigger one on the back.
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Originally Posted by speeddrivenkid
see if you could get a different tourqe converter for it with i guess a smaller pulley on the front, and a bigger one on the back.
larger in the front, bigger in the back for speed.
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"larger in the front, bigger in the back for speed"... I think he means a larger pulley/sprocket in the front (on the engine) and a smaller pulley/sprocket in the rear will make your golf cart faster (but it will hurt acceleration and hill climbing torque). Since you are dealing with a torque converter that constantly varies the diameter of both the front and rear pulley it is not as simple as changing the chain sprockets on a go-cart. Changing torque converters is not a common mod. for golf carts so there are not many/any aftermarket "speed" torque converters.

Do an online Google or Yahoo search for "golf cart parts" or golf cart accessories" you will find many companies that sell items to speed your cart.
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Speed It Up

Hello I Have A 99 Txt Ezgo I Just Put A Cable Tie On The Govner So That When You Pressed The Pedal It Pulled The Bracket And Not Just The Spring. Picked Up 7 Mile An Hour Checked By A Gps.also If You Want More Hill Climbing Power Just Drop Down A Size On The Belt.i Saw A Link Here For Buggiesunlimited They Have Everything You Need At A Great Prize And All The Free Advice You Can Handle.
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Fixing the 'Govner

There are many little 'tricks and tips" for adjusting a governor. I tried the zip-tie trick on my 1997 EZGO and it made me SLOWER! What I found to work is to adjust the nut on the screw that runs through the spring, tightened it all the way forward, so the spring is always FULLY compressed. It didn't give me warp speed, maybe a few MPH's, but it was noticeable. You may also want to try tightening up the throttle cable so that it has less play in it. It is also good to check it periodically, as I noticed mine had been rubbing around on the rear pully.


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with increasing the rpms in a stock engine, your increasing the stress, and possibilty the connecting rod will snap, now, depends on which stroke its at, where it will fly out the block or not. if its a beater, about to go, maybe has a couple years life left in the engine, is of no concern, and you won't be rebuilding the engine, maybe replacing it totally, or with a shortblock..... i wouldn't worry about blowing it up.

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