help with my throttle for my honda go kart 6.5hp engine!!


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help with my throttle for my honda go kart 6.5hp engine!!

i do not know how to hook up my throttle cable to my honda 6.5hp engine does any1 nnow how to if so could you please explain it thanks alot
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my friend just did his on his 5.5 honda, it was a very hokey setup, and he's hopeing to fix it soon, because it pops off once in a while, it's just a bike brake cable and housing, and the cable goes around the back of the engine, and the clamp bits on to it, it works but there are better ways.
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I have a honda 5 horse used on my gokart.

There is a kit you can get, what it is,

you got the cable coming from the foot pettle. The run and connect to the throttle mount on engine, then a length piece stripped to just the wire runs to a spring mounted on the frame, now the piece i was talking about is a small pard piece of steal, like a - L piece that also is welded onto a cable connector and has allen screw to hold tight for the wire to not move.

The spring is needed to help return the throttle back into place, with long cable and so forth.

It has worked well for me, no problems.

It fits into the carb throttle and is then connected to the wire. I cant recall where I saw this kit. You might try jackof smallengines online.


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