Arctic Cat ATV running rich


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Arctic Cat ATV running rich

Hello, I have been through this top to bottom. Air filter is clean (however found a dead mouse in the air duct leading to filter) This is a 2002 375 auto. Only 250 miles, I though with the lack of use maybe old fuel problem . I have drained it and replaced, added a stabilizer. It will Idle but no power off Idle , spark plug is black and sooty. I pulled the carb, has a realy strange choke system with a sliding choke that is pulled open with vaccum. The float looked OK , no fuel in it. Any help would be great.
Thanks, Larry
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a manual will be helpful because i am not possitive of the location. but there should be whats called a "pilot screw" or "pilot needle" that is adjusted be the first. it will most likely be the only 'adjusting' screw on the carb and most likely be on the bottom. turn right (in/tighten) to make it run leaner. i have the same problem with mine (tho its a suzuki) and it is very hard to get to and to find the right 'spot' to where it runs right. good luck and check my webshots link in a few days to see some pics of what i am talking about. look for the pilot screw.
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Thanks for the info, I believe I found the pilot valve. It was turned out about 3 turns. Seems a little rich but it ran good that way for several years. ( just not many miles) I cleaned carb and all jets. Reset valve to 3 turns out.... I was thinking of leaning it out, but Think I stumbed on to the problem. AC had a problem with ATV going into " limp home mode" were they run on low power to go a short distance. It is controlled with a sensor in the cluth/belt housing. IT HAS BEEN AT THE SHOP FOR 2 DAYS NOW. I have no way to test this out. Thanks any way. Larry
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There are 2 adjustment screws, Air and Idle. Adjust the small one usually on the right side when looking down. also check the jet.

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