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Question Honda Sabre V65

I am tinkering around with an 84 Sabre 1100 cc for a friend. I have never worked on motorcycles, however I am an automotive technician. I rebuilt the carbs, replaced the batt and flushed out the gas tank. I just got it running this morning but the starter gear was skipping badly when it was cranking. At first in ran nice and quiet once it started. Now when the bike is running, there is a heavy rattling noise coming from the same area as the starter. My ears tell me it is the same noise as when it is cranking. I coulb be wrong though. I think the end of the starter may be engaged permanently or broken. I haven't taken anything apart yet but I looked online for starter parts and I don't see where I can buy a whole starter or just the gear mechanism. Can anyone tell me what may be wrong, what to expect when I disassemble it and/or where to pursue getting repalcement parts. Thanks!
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I took the cover off the engine and realized that the starter setup isn't like a car. A bunch of you are saying duh Anyway, The noise while it was running was a loose bolt on the sprag mechanism. It was hitting the side cover of the engine. That took care of the running problem. It still doesn't catch all the time. I am assuming that it is that sprag mechanism. Should it be replaced or can it be rebuilt? I'd still like help with where to perchase parts. I think I need a radiator, possibly that starter engagement mechanism, and tune up parts. Thanks!
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as far as the radiator and starter you could check ebay, other parts maybe a local dealer

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