Gold Wing questions...


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Gold Wing questions...

My husband and I have been talking for years about purchasing a Honda Gold Wing...and we recently saw one at a local fair that had been adapted (or can they be purchased this way?) to be a 3-wheeler. We really liked the idea of that, since it seems better for long road trips, and not as effected by rain, road conditions, etc. Is that true?

Anyone have opinions or suggestions or thoughts on this?

Also, we were thinking that one of these would be good with a little motorcycle trailer on the back, too...if we want to take it for a longer trip. Again, what do you think?

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Honda has not yet started building their own 3 wheelers. Normal scenario is a Goldwing and $6,000 to have one converted. Don't know what you mean by "not affected by rain or road conditions". True, they would not be as prone to tip over on a slick road, but you get just as wet. Many States have different licenses for 2 or 3 wheelers. There is a difference in driving them also. You can get trailers for the 2 wheel Goldwings also.
I love Goldwings and would probably not drive anything but them. Since they are "built in America" I have no problem with them. When you can buy a product that doesn't usually need any major maintenance until 150,000 miles, how can you go wrong?
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I have a Goldwing GL1800 and wouldn't trade it for anything else on the market. 53,000 great miles in less than three years. I ride with GWRRA (Gold Wing Road Riders Association) chapters here in Florida and they are good folk. I suggest you locate a chapter in your GWRRA to find a chapter..and go to acouple meetings before you put any money down.
Honda doesn't make a trike, but many companies (Lehman, Motortrike, et al) are out there who will convert any big bike to a trike. Or, you can simply buy one already triked. There are plenty of GL1500 'Wings out there that have already been converted. Many folk who like to ride and either have age or health issues that preclude two wheels, or who simply like trikes go the three-wheel route. If you convert a newer Honda it voids the warrantee, so that is something to consider. Finally, all Goldwings, triked or original, will haul a trailer.
A good user website is I'm sure there are others.

Ride long and safe..
John LL

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