RQ: Carbon part making tutorial.


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RQ: Carbon part making tutorial.

Hi, guys.
This friend of mine has a motorbike and he wants to make all of its parts carbon fiber. Thing is - he doesn't know a thing about the stuff. So I want to help him, but neither do I .
So can anyone of you tell me a good tutorial, from which I can learn to make carbon fiber parts? You know, the process of making the mould and forming the carbon itself and so on...
10x in advance. bye
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Do some web searches. From what I have read, there are health concerns. Some say you need an industrial high temp vacuum oven. Others say all you need is Carbon fiber cloth ($30 per yard) and epoxy resin ($50). They also mentioned that the resin and hardner have to be mixed to exact proportions or it will heat up and actually catch fire while it is curing. A perfect mold is also necessary. In addition, you need to wear a respirator while grinding or cutting the finished product.
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Epoxy resins to get really really hot, which is why you should always store the left over product outside somewhere isolated, like in the center of your driveway until it is fully dried and you can chuck it. Just buy the premade parts... Yours will turn out like sh*t(nothing personal of course, lack of experience), and it will wound up having cost you alot of money. There are some things, as much as Id like to try myself, I dont, because I dont have proper instruction.


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