atv chain problems


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atv chain problems

bot old atv for ranch use. know nothing about these things. chain keeps coming off rear sprocket to the left. not same spot every time. sprocket seems true. chain notthat loose. need advice.
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check chain

I don't know much about this either,but I know how it is when you have a post and noone answers,
#1 sprocket might be true but worn
#2 chain might be worn
#3 does it have a spring loaded guide that tightens the chain, If so that might be giving you throuble also the chain might be looser than it looks,i'll leave the chain tension details to the pros.
also, the guys that really know might be able to help more if you gave make/model
good luck!
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On top of what he said, get the rear up in the air and give it some gas... see if the sprocket's teeth are more towards the left or right, and then readjust... also see if a section of the chain is twisted.

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actually I think it's more likely the chain is stretched not worn,not that that makes much difference
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could also be the rear bearings, slack in them causes the rear axel to wobble throwing the chain off jack up the rear not on the axel, lift on the wheel by hand look for play where the axel goes in the carrier
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could also be the rear bearings
check this first.
check chain tightness, could be too loose. sprockets could be wore
what type of quad is it ??
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Good tips

All good tips. Get it up in the air and use a straight edge against the chain. Peice of glass works nicely. Make sure the chain is straight from drive sprocket to wheel. Then check if it's adjustment error or worn parts (bushings, etc.).

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