atv help


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atv help

I have a atv and nobody has used it for about 2 years or so and I would like to improve its condition because I will be needing it more often. There was gas in it so the gas has just sat in it for that period of time and I am sure caused gum deposits and what not in it. It doesn't run as good as it used to so and I think this is probably the problem. Is there something that I can add to the fuel that would clean out the fuel system. Perhaps some other suggestions. Thanks
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My suggestion is:
empty the fuel tank of the old gas (and treat the tank for any rust)
run it until it quits
replace fuel filter (or install one if it doesn't have one)
remove the carb and clean it, inside and out.

No additive will perform as well as doing those three things will.
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exactly what pendragon said, when a carb gums up, no cleaner run through the fuel will do. that gum is just like hard bubble gum. get carb cleaner though, soak the carb fully disassembled in the cleaner for a couple hours or so, then blow it out with cleaner..... as for replacing the fuel filter or adding one....go ahead and get new gaslines....
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That is what I thought but I was hoping that perhaps there was an easier method. Thanks alot

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