weak spark


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weak spark

I been having trouble with getting spark on a '83 200 ATC, I was just riding it the day before and all was fine, today I pull and pull and pull. I took the CDI cap off and cleaned it out, the was a little dust.. I changed the sparkplug cap, took the wire off and checked it with a OHM meter, disconnected the kill switch and the headlight. I',m not to sure how to check the coil and could use some help with this. I dunno what else it could be.
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Alrighty then

Ok I got some spark ,, i cleaned the stator coils and changed the plug, it seemed to help I have it running now... but now I have a new problem ,, tI seems to be burning plugs out like crazy,,, get a few miles on the bike and it dies,,, I replace the plug with a new one, and away i go... I am using NGK's so I figured I was using good plugs ,, Can anyone help me with this,,3 plugs in 2 days. ANY help is good help ,, thanks
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they could be fouling from low compression.....whats the compression?
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70LBS compression

I tried a compression test, and it had around 70lbs, its not the best compression tester, you have to hold it in the plug hole and pull at the same time, I played arround for awile and thats what I got...The plug has a lot of black soot on it and it is brand new,,, thanks for all your help
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Well Your right, those testers arnt great for that sort of work, I have an old one like that and a more traditional one with threads. 70lbs is on the low end of the scale in general, but I wouldnt think thats why your fouling plugs like that, as Ive seen motors with even lower compression run...

What kind of motor is it(2 or 4 cycle)? Black means its either running too rich or its not burning hot enough/completely. Check the mixture needles, are they within spec? Also, is that the right temp plug for that motor? Does te Plug have a "wet" look to it?

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If the carb has never had any work done to it.Try replacing jet needles and the float,use a good carb cleaner also if not already done.
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Toys are fun! I would say you still have a problem with your fire(spark) A black plug is unburnt fuel. A weak CDI box a pick up coil or a charge coil. You need to get your hands on a book for your bike to make the right tests. You can find one on line cheep e-bay ect.....My boy's bike was doing the same thing. It was the charge coil going bad. Make sure all the wire plug in's are clean & tight. GOOD LUCK
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black plug

reddragster is right about the plug being black is unburnt fuel.
Which sounds like the start of your first problem. You can take the genreator out and lightly sand the contact point areas, take the coil wire and cut about 1/8 inch off, there might be some corrosion at the end of the wire causing this. Honda electronics are generally bullet proof. Make sure the chock isnt sticking on too.

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