ATV temporary storage


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ATV temporary storage

A friend of mine bought his 4 year old son a "mini" ATV for Christmas. He stores the ATV in the basement after every use. (Where we live, it is not necessary to winterize it - it will be used constantly.) I was at his house yesterday and the whole house - even upstairs - smelled like gas fumes. I told him it was dangerous for his health and his son's health and also a fire hazard, with the furnace being nearby. His son's bedroom is downstairs. But he (my friend) says he doesn't smell it. I left after half an hour with a raging headache. How can I convince him this is unsafe?
Or am I the one who is wrong?
(He won't leave it outside because he's afraid it will get stolen.)
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Dont be stupid.

First of all he probably doent smell it because once you have been in a place for a long time(Which he has) your sence of smell gets used to whatever smell is the most promonant in the place where you are. Sit him down and have a talk and yell at him if you have to. Maybe he could leave it out in a shed or cover it with a tarp.
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tell your friend hes an asswipe for endangering his family like that... youve got to be NUTS to bring gas into your living area, especially when the furnace is near by... Tell him to build a shet or chain it up in the back of the house where nobody will see.

I run a small repair type buisness out of my house... all tanks and carbs come off in the garage, If I need to rebuild the carb, I pull it off and let the gas evaporate for a day or so before hand.

Gas in the house is a big NO NO and tell him to get it out immediatly. Gas fumes dont really bother me that much, Ive grown up around high performance and ive been building small engines for quite a while, but they are petroleum distillates and they are bad for your health.

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man thats gotta be one of the stupidest things i've heard........ tell him its either outside (cover it with a tarp, and lock it to some kind of support, fence, porch, whatever....... or buy a shed for it.....) or its life shortening health hazard from just the gas fumes, not mention if it would to light up if he needs more reinforcement...... show him with a little demonstration outside, its what i would do. and the reason he can't smell it, he has gotten used to it........
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i wonder what his insurance company would have to say about that ?
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I bet his insurance company would either skyrocket his rate or just drop him. What type of area does he live in? City, country suburbia?
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Thanks to everyone who has posted replies!
I directed him to this page and he has suddenly seen the light. He'll be keeping it outside, chained to the porch and covered with a tarp.
Thank you all for your help!
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thats good to hear, tell him to get a good heavy chain, and a masterlock to put on it, couple bungies to hold the tarp to it, no way anybodys taking that, unless they make a hell of a noise.

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