which has more?


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Question which has more?

I am curious about power ratios in comparable engines. Lets say i have a 500cc v-twin motorcycle engine and a 500cc atv engine. If they are both geared the same on their drivetrain which do you think would have better low end and which would have better top end?
And another question, which would be a stronger motor a v-twin or an inline 3?
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all depends... is one water cooled? watercooled engines produce WAY more hp overall than air cooled engines. Generally, more cylinders=more torque

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You can't say which is faster without looking at the specs for each motor, but each type of motor has different characteristics. A single cylinder 500 will have good low end torque, but will have more vibration than the v-twin. I think the twin will have better power across the RPM range. The in-line three cylinder will be a very smooth running motor and rev higher and have more power than the twin, but I think the V-twin will have much more low end torque, but not much overall power. Of coarse, this is all relative to how each motor is tuned by the designer. For more info on different types of motors and their characteristics checkout


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