No spark! WHY??????


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Cool No spark! WHY??????

Snowmobile motor is out of a 68 Moto-Ski Zepher,,it is a single cylinder Hirth 200R with no spark. I replaced EVERYTHING , plug , cap , plug wire , coil , points , condenser and even the ignition coil on the stater. Everything is gaped right (plug and point) wire from stater to coil is mint the 2 wires to the condenser are mint. Nothing is plugged in seeing the motor is on my work bench, as far as timeing goes you can't screw it up because the flywheel is keyed so it only goes on one way and the cam on the flywheel which makes the point open and close is working. This thing has got me puzzled bigtime!!! Only thing left i can think of are the 2 wires that go to the point,,is there a certain order they go on the point ??? I'm lost on this 1,,plzzzzzzz help!!!!!
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Are you sure its no spark or is it out of time? If the motors timing internally is off (maybe a cam gear installed a gear ahead or behind it wont run, and if it does barely). Hook up a spark tester or ground the plug threads against the head and crank the engine looking for spark.

Als, does it have a kill switch? Check to see the wire leading to it isnt grounded... this would keep the plug rom firing.
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cam only fits on the flywheel one way and one way only same as the flywheel itself , it can only go on one way , all marks line up. As far as a kill switch or any other switch , nothings hooked up motor is off the sled , 4 wires comeing from stater out of motor not touching anything. Can send pic of cam and flywheel to show how it actually works
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at the risk of sounding really stupid, and due to the fact i nothing about snowmobiles, does this ignition system require a battery ?

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