help my electrical problem


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help my electrical problem

Ive got a yamaha bullfrog 200, (1980s ish) its got no pullstart so i rely on the battery (new) which keeps going flat even when the bike is running. I use the bike at night with its lights for hunting and battery can go flat in a couple of hours even when running. I must have an earth leak somewhere but don't know where to start looking of which wire. Maybe someone has an idea where to start looking, thanks heaps.
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Bullfrog, make sure batt is fully charged, start engine and with a digital voltmeter check the voltage at idle and at 1/2 throttle. Should be 13.5 to 14 volts. if it is, turn on lites. Check voltage at idle and 1/2 throttle. If it drops below 13 v at 1/2 throttle, your lites are drawing too much current or the charging system has a problem.
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