1985 yamaha srv 540


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1985 yamaha srv 540

have a 85 srv 540 snowmachine the prob is that it will run for 2-10 minutes then die,have to let it sit for about 5 min and it will fire back up,unless i pull plugs and prime it then it starts right away,have cleaned carb and set to factory specs.Could fuel pump be weak??would a air leak in fuel lines cause same prob??Update---- ran for about 30 minutes this time then died,will not start even with prime, spark is their but seems a little weak ,will not even fire
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Certainly sounds like an ignition problem. Trouble is, there are two components to the system. The CDI box and the coil. I'd remove each and take to a Yamaha dealer for them to test each and pinpoint which is the source of trouble. Go here http://www.yamaha-motor.com/sport/my...starthere.aspx if you are unsure where to look for each.
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Exclamation Srv

Go to Royal Distributing.com and pick up a CDI cheap. The coil will have to be bench tested. This means taking the magnito apart.
Sounds like a vacuum leak in the fuel pump as well. The problem seems intermittant. You can buy a new diaphram and gasket set for the pump as well. To replace the coil would be pricey.

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