Gas in oil....not a 2-stroke


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Gas in oil....not a 2-stroke

My father in law bought a new Polaris 4 wheeler from a "not too bright" dealer about a year ago. It's a 4 stroke and he has found gas in the oil. Strange thing is, it will fire up and run fine (not even any smoke).
Any thoughts?
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If there is gas in the oil.....DO NOT RUN THE ENGINE!, replace the oil before you should even attempt it, you probablly either have a hole in the float and its sinking to the bottom letting gas go by, or the inlet needle or seat aren't seating well...... or the float has hung up.
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Lightbulb gas in oil not 2 stroke

Again---DO NOT CRANK---Another problem you could have is your vent hoses on you carb can be stopped up from ridding in mud or sand.

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