Snowmobile Engine in a kart


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Snowmobile Engine in a kart

I have a quick question. Me and my friend recently bought a offroad go kart and plan to put a belt driven 340 sled motor in it. How can we go from the secondary clutch to the axle?? The go kart currently has a 5hp b/s motor. We have all the parts for the sled engine and stuff.

Thanks in advance.
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WHat does this kart look like first off? If it doesn't have suspenstion, I wouldn't reccomend it as a LOT of stress will be put throught the entire kart. You can't just put a giant engine in any kart. You will need to reinforce parts. You will need to use a set of sprockets (or pullys) to go to the axle.
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You will have to devise a jackshaft just as in the sled but will need to modify the shaft to have bearing supports and then, likely, machine the shaft down to accept a sprocket for a #41 chain (provided that is what the axle sprocket is (and it better be this or heavier to handle the torque)). I've never seen a keyed, #41 sprocket with a ID larger than 1" but they may be out there, just search around. Good luck and let us know.
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I put a old 295 rupp snowmobile engine in my golf cart and ran it all summer it runs fast.

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