Honda 300 fourtrax (1991)


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Honda 300 fourtrax (1991)

I Made the mistake of letting my son ride my four wheeler on a mud riding with some of his heathen cousins.. Well needless to say there is water in the oil and I can here a tapping which may be the valves.. This bike has never been tested to this degree and I expect the it was likely over revved and likely excided the limits,,just a bit ... Am working one getting the water out of the oil..Have run thru three oil changes with a slight warm-up between each and cleaned the air filter(and dried it out as well) the bike seems to run and shift ok except for the taping.. Can someone walk me thru the valve adjustment for this well as advise on anyother things to check... I build and restore British cars as a hobby so I am proficient in mechanic work but am not familiar with this motor.... Have ordered a Clymer shop manual in expectation of an overhaul down the road but have not received it yet.... Thanks
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Hi, I don't know that engine but if it is like other Honda motorcycle engines there should be four plugs that unscrew out of the cam cover to expose the valve ends and the rocker arms.
On each side of the cam cover there should be small covers that when removed you will see two studs on each side with locking nuts on them. These studs are where you ajust the valves.
When you get your manual it will give you the specs. Use a feeler gauge through the holes of the four plugs you removed. The stud towards the front of the engine are the exhaust and the stud to the rear are the intake. Then go around and do the other side.
This example I'm giving you may not be the same for you engine.
When your manual comes you should have no problem.
Hope this helps.
Best regards, Jeff

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