Installing 440cc Arctic cat motor on Manco Go-kart


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Installing 440cc Arctic cat motor on Manco Go-kart

Hey everyone, I was wondering if some of you could help me figure out the best way to install a perfectly fine 440cc Arctic Cat snowmobile engine on my Manco Intruder go-kart. I can weld and I also have the tools to cut, bend, and shape metal so fabricating a new motor mount and strengthening the frame should not be a problem. My problem is figuring out how to connect the engine (which has a massive torque convertor on it right now) to the sproket on the live axel of the go kart. Is there any type of centrifugal clutch out there that would make this possible? Or is it not going to be that simple?

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Use the toque converter that's on the engine now. Connects the driven pully to the shaft with the drive sprocket on and you should be set.
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The torque convertor on the engine now is half of a matched set. You would need to have the secondary clutch off the body of the snowmobile also. If you have the welding skills you should be able to adapt the chaincase from the sled to your rear axle.
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If he has the drive clutch than he'd just need to have a pully on the jackshaft. The drive pully from the torque converter just changes the gearing (not just but it isn't necessary to have).
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I think just using a pulley on the axle might just burn up belts because the driven clutch has to open and let the belt drop down or get smaller at that end as the drive clutch closes and makes the belt larger at that end. If the drive clutch is closing as rpms increase forcing the belt up as it closes and there is no give at the pulley end I think the clutch will try to strecth the belt and burn it. I don't now for sure because I have never tried it.
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