First time 4wheeler owner here


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Question First time 4wheeler owner here

Just got Honda Rubicon. Went on my first ride this weekend.... wife dipped it in the water. We got lucky this time, it floated and water did not get into anything.
What is the correct thing to do when you float one??? Kill the throttle??? Gun it and go??? I have not owned anything like this since back in the late 1980's...

I have been told two differnt things from two different "experienced" riders. First says kill engine immediately; second says hammer down and keep engine running. Both says the other is wrong...
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I would say they are both right.

Here is why:
Water can enter the engine in two ways. Either through the intake or exhaust. The ATV should be equipped with a breather (usually under the seat) that is sealed and has a air intake somewhere higher than under the seat. This is commonly referred to as a snorkel. If water is higher than the snorkel (usually under the handlebars or in the middle of the front fender) then water will enter the engine through the breather, carb, right on into the engine. This is where the "turn it off" guy is right. Knowing where this intake is, and knowing the water level which will cause water to enter is key. If the water is that high, shut the engine off immediately. You will need to drain the carb (via the bowl) and drain the snorkel and breather compartments.

Now, on to the "keep it running" guy. If the water is not high enough for entering through the intake, it can come back up the muffler. That is, if the engine is not running. Keeping the engine running will keep water from entering the engine through the exhaust.

You see, knowing where the air intake is the important factor. That is your answer to "keep it running", or "turn it off". Some people fabricate long snorkels and run them out the fender and up into the air. This way, they know exactly where the intake is, and can see the water if it enters.

Clear as mud, now?
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That actually makes it crystal clear to me. I try to stay out of deep water so mine is stock... under seat.

Basicly if it gets up the seat shut it down, otherwise keep on running. Now that I know the reasoning of both guys I am that much wiser. What is funny is both of the guys have ridden for years and neither could truely explain their point.

I am glad someone finally answered

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