par car golf cart probs


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par car golf cart probs

hey everyone, ive got a 2 cycle columbia par car that is givin me probs. 1st, i think the coil is goin bad. its producing a VERY weak spark, and so, in hope that this is my main issue, have ordered a new one. the cart turns over, but does not fire... even with starting fluid!! also, there is a cable that controls the vaccum operated oil pump that has become disconnected. i THINK its supposed to connect to the throttle control on the carb next to the throttle cable, but am not sure. help?? some one told me to remove the bowl on the bottom of the carb also, since it can sometimes fill with water due to bad gas. is this a worthwhile venture? and if i remove this bowl am i going to have springs and things shooting out at me? ANY help would be greatly appreciated!! ive posted on several other sites over the last week, but have recieved no reply!
thanks in advance, ray
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rayjr26: I started looking through my favorite golf cart forum for answers and I saw your message. Go back and look through the previous/older pages in that forum. I found answeres to most of your questions by just going back a few pages.

(Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see numbers and "next" that let you jump to older pages.)
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i dont see the page numbers you are referring to. it says it is showing all 33 threads available. i tried your archives but still didnt find anything that helps me out, especially with the oil pump cable which is my main problem. if you found something i didnt, could you give me a bit of direction? perhaps a thread title, or a link?
thanks again, ray

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